The Path To a Pain-Free
Life Starts Now!

At Neuro Physique, we don’t do Band-Aid fixes – we go to the root of your pain so you can get your (active) life back

Our Services

We recognize that since you and your pain situation are unique, your care plan also needs to be.

Each time you book a session, you not only get the hands-on specialized neuromuscular massage therapy we’re famous for (that’s what we call FNMT) — you also get an individualized plan for using each of our additional services and therapies between appointments, at no extra cost. In other words, your access to all these therapies below is already included in the cost of each session, and you can come in and use them as many times as is needed between appointments.

We’re here to get you out of pain, and we’ll do all we can to deliver on that!

To find out more information on each of the therapies we offer access to, read the summaries below, or click into each one to do more of a deep dive.


Functional Neuromuscular Therapy

This is massage therapy like you’ve never known it could be. We use muscle manipulation, neurolinguistic programming (which is just a fancy way of saying we help you mentally reprogram how you think about pain), and applied pressure and touch to go to the source of your pain and eliminate it.

Infrared Sauna

Heating up in order to cool down

This ain’t your local rec center’s sauna. Infrared saunas uses infrared heaters to emit what’s called radiant heat, which your body directly absorbs. Traditional saunas, on the other hand, only heat the air. Using our specialized sauna helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain, promote relaxation, and even improve the quality of your skin tone.

Cold Plunge

Like the Polar Bear Plunge, but year-round

Have you ever heard of polar plunge challenges? You know, where people run into a freezing lake in the dead of winter for fun? You might think the ‘fun’ part is debatable, but the science isn’t — cold plunges reduce muscle inflammation, improve circulation, and promote faster recovery. Our cold plunge therapy tub is freely available to you between sessions, and we think you’ll be satisfyingly impressed with how good you feel after.

Brain Tap

Meditation 2.0

You’ve probably heard of all the benefits of meditation before, like better sleep, stress reduction, and (positive) changes in your brain structure. Yeah, same story here, except this is the enhanced version. If you struggle to keep your brain focused during traditional meditation (like most of us), Brain Tap uses audiovisual equipment with sounds and synchronized lights to take you on a guided journey towards healthier (read: less stressed) brainwave activity. 

Wim Hof Breathing

Learn from the Ice Man

Wim Hof is a guy who also goes by “The Iceman,” and he knows a thing or two about cold plunges.  He developed a specific method to get the maximum benefit out of the cold plunges we mentioned before. We teach you this type of breathing so that you can emerge from your cold plunge therapy feeling invigorated, clear-headed, and deeply settled.

Stick Mobility

Move on over, yoga

Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against yoga. But we think that it’s time for stick mobility to have its moment. Weird name aside (we wish we could rebrand it), stick mobility is a powerful exercise technique that uses lightweight rods (aka, sticks) to assist you in performing various stretching and mobility moves to promote better flexibility and increased resistance to injury.

Compression Therapy

Not like Spanx

Okay, okay, so compression therapy does involve putting on tight garments…but it’s all about applying controlled pressure to support recovery in a specific area and reduce inflammation, not about fitting into that pair of pants you wore pre-2020 and before you discovered Door Dash.

Shockwave Therapy

We promise it's not as bad as it sounds

It might sound a little Frankenstein-esque, but shockwave therapy is basically just using a machine similar to a massage gun that emits sound waves into your tissue, which helps break up adhesions and allow for better blood flow. It might be a little uncomfortable at times but it’s not painful, and it’s definitely not as bad as whatever injury or malady sent you to us in the first place.

How It All Works

Let’s walk you through what your path to a pain-free (or at least pain-resistant) life looks like.

1- Book your initial consultation/session

Signing up for your first session is easy. Simply click the ‘Book a Session Now’ button below, which will take you to what sessions are currently available from all our therapists. Don’t know which therapist to book? Read each therapist’s bio above under “About Us” and decide who might be the best fit for your needs that way, or you can simply book with whichever therapist is available at your earliest convenience and then try out different therapists over time to see who works best for you that way. All our therapists are highly trained and highly skilled (not to mention pretty stellar human beings overall), so you can book with confidence that whichever therapist you’re with, they will help work with you right where you’re at.

2- Meet with Your Therapist and Receive Personalized Training

When you come to your first meeting with your therapist, he or she will assess your needs, employ specialized massage techniques (that’s the FNMT you keep seeing everywhere) on the parts of your body where you’re experiencing the most discomfort or need the most help, and then come up with a recommended care plan for you that employs the services available freely to you on the main floor. As part of your session, you will be shown where everything is and how to utilize it.

3- Unlimited Access to the Floor Between Sessions

Between appointments, you will have unlimited access to the wide range of floor therapies mentioned on this page. That means you can pop in during business hours at your convenience to take advantage of the resources we have to help maintain the mobile and pain-free state we work on getting you to during sessions. Our ENTIRE MISSION is to help you reduce or eliminate pain, increase your mobility, and lead your best active life, so we provide you with all the best tools we know of to get you there. If you’re ready to get out of pain once and for all, click the link below to get started! (Trust us, your future self will only wish you’d done it sooner!)

Need a little more reassurance?

My brother-in-law had a lifelong knee problem where if he went on a hike, he’d be out of commission the whole next day. When he told me Neuro Physique fixed that and his neck/shoulder issues after just a few visits, I knew exactly who to call when I threw my back out at the airport. I got full pain relief to my lower back and flexibility again in my hips after just two visits. Those two visits did more than months of physical therapy had done previously. 

I’ve never seen anything like what they do; but it works. They relax all the little crisscross muscles, make the pain go away and make the range of motion come back. I’m in my late 40’s and my life is way more active, my body way more flexible because I go in for maintenance to keep it that way. If you were looking for a life-hack, you just found it.

Tarlton B

My experience at Neuro Physique has been nothing short of incredible. Their talented therapists have helped me with plantar fasciitis, low back pain and shoulder pain. They have such a unique understanding of tissue and how to decrease pain and increase mobility. I have referred everyone I know there. If you want to get serious about improving your well-being, look no further.

Laura W

It’s not an exaggeration to say that doing therapy through NeuroPhysique has literally given me my life back! I used to be a distance runner, and when I was doing a strength workout soon after giving birth to my second child, I suffered a terrible back injury that took me out of exercise for years. I tried everything – going to various doctors and specialists, getting X-rays and MRIs done, taking anti-inflammatories, giving it plenty of time to rest, going to a chiropractor, doing traditional massage therapy, going to physical therapy – none of it worked. In fact, my doctors finally told me that the only option they could see in my future was surgery or expensive steroid shots.

My sister recommended me to Kavic at Neuro-Physique, and I first met with him in September 2020. Within just a couple visits, I’d gained enough functionality back to start lightly exercising again (after taking nearly two years off!), and now, thanks to him, I’ve been able to pursue my dream job of cut flower farming (which is very physically demanding) without dealing with any limitations whatsoever. I refer everyone I know to him, and I’m always telling people, “You really don’t need to keep living in pain! This actually works!” I’m so beyond grateful to have been recommended to Neuro-Physique and their specialized massage therapy techniques; I’m a believer for life!

Torrie M

I have been doing cold plunges, infrared dry saunas and body work for the past 3 months.

The staff and equipment are top notch. The plunges and sauna have helped exponentially with my autoimmune disorder.

I have noticed vast improvements in my physical and mental health.

I highly recommend Neuro Physique to anyone who is wanting to take the their wellness to the next level.

Jessica B

Time to see what it's like to be pain-free.

Chances are, you’ve tried it all…except anything that actually worked. Ready to try the (final) therapy that’s going to get your active life back? We’re ready for you!