Brain Tap Therapy

Recent scientific studies have started to show just how much of a role the brain plays in how well we function on a physical level. The purpose of brain tap therapy is to repattern how your brain operates so that you can better cope with challenges, have improved focus, and reduce your stress levels by inducing a meditative, relaxed state of mind through guided visualization.

What does Brain Tap Therapy Look Like?

When you come in for your regular FNMT massage therapy appointments, you’ll receive your therapist’s recommendation for how often you should use the in-house therapies available to you at all times during regular business hours.

Your therapist will show you each of the therapies he or she recommends you use, as well as how to utilize the equipment yourself. The Brain Tap Therapy equipment is fairly straightforward. You simply put on a headset (which looks like a clunky pair of headphones), pull down the visor over your eyes (which will emit little lights that are synchronized to the recordings), and choose your visualization exercise from the Brain Tap library. 

In plain English, it’s kind of like a more guided way of doing meditation, with accompanying lights and sounds. Since many people struggle to keep their brain focused during traditional meditation, this technology can get you to that same meditative state a lot faster since you’re less likely to get distracted.

Unlock Your Brain's Potential with Brain Tap Therapy

Neurological Activation

Activate dormant neural pathways for heightened brain function.

Mental Conditioning

Train your mind to achieve peak mental performance.

Mobility Training

Improve brain-body connection through targeted exercises.