About Us

Your Journey to Wellness Begins with Neuro Physique

If we had to pin down our type of therapy into something most people would immediately recognize, we’d say it’s massage therapy, but it’s massage therapy like you’ve never imagined it could be. We work deep into your tissues to literally reprogram the way your body functions, and we combine it with science-backed cognitive repatterning techniques to help you get the maximum pain relief and the most overall benefits as possible.

Our Journey: Pioneering a New Approach to Wellness

Neuro Physique was founded with a vision to transform the way people perceive and experience wellness. Founder Kavic Merrill, driven by his experiences in the traditional healthcare field and his belief that many of the current medical models are fundamentally lacking when it comes to treating patients, combined specialized deep tissue massage therapy techniques and cognitive reprogramming to create a groundbreaking new way to treat and eliminate pain. By teaching your brain AND body to respond more efficiently when encountering different stimuli, we help to empower you to achieve optimal well-being.

Our Team

Kavic Merrill

Kavic founded Neuro Physique (formerly Extreme Bodyworx) in 2019 with the mission to empower people to take charge of their own wellness through self-education and individualized health care. Kavic is the creator of the Functional Neuromuscular Therapy (FNMT) modality of massage therapy, which all the therapists at Neuro Physique employ.

He graduated from Weber State University with a nursing degree in 2014, and his early experiences in the healthcare industry were pivotal in shaping the philosophies and techniques that would later inform his practice of massage therapy. He saw that all too often, the traditional healthcare model over-focuses on Band-aid fixes and a dependence on pharmaceuticals, but he wanted to be part of something that would give people the knowledge and training to take charge of their own health and choose for themselves what would give them the best quality of life they could have. He seeks to not only help relieve his clients of the pain that’s often been plaguing them for years, but he also seeks to help them to know how to help heal their own pain and become strengthened against it in the future, which is just as important.

When he’s not busy providing relief and hope to his clients, he loves to spend time hiking, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors with his wife, Stacy, and their five boys.

Seth Hatch

Seth is passionate about helping people maintain an active lifestyle. He has a background in competitive tennis and understands what it means to be unable to do what you love due to pain or injury. His goal is to help people maintain healthy mindsets, stay motivated, and keep a level of activity that ensures both mental and physical health.

Sydney Keller

Sydney has been a massage therapist for the last six years. Throughout that time, she has strived to further her knowledge of massage therapies to expand and improve her capabilities. She loves being in the field of helping others and being able to make a difference in people’s lives.

Sydney is a wife and a mother to 2 wonderful kids. Her family loves being outside and enjoying time together. Her version of a “perfect Saturday” would consist of a competitive UGA football game (GO BULLDOGS!!!) followed by swimming or hiking or sports outside with the family.

Trey Reed

Trey is a Licensed Massage Therapist with a diverse professional background that includes:

  • 10 years of Acute Clinical Nursing experience in the hospital setting including Behavioral Health, Rehabilitation, Med/Surg, and ICU
  • nearly 2 years as the Manager/Administrator of an 8-time “CMS Best of Utah” Physical Rehabilitation Facility
  • 6 combined years as Nurse Educator for two prestigious Nursing Programs in the State of Utah
  • Practitioner of NLP

Trey is passionate about providing a genuine and meaningful experience for all his clients. His philosophy is to heal the body and the mind by connecting individuals to their own selves through therapeutic touch in order to encourage awareness and mindfulness. His unique experience and perspective attempts to bridge the gap of standard healthcare by integrating the healing benefits of massage into a more holistic approach to conventional healthcare practices.

Stacy Merrill

Stick mobility instructor.