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Our specialized massage therapy (Functional Neuromuscular Therapy, or FNMT) has been changing lives all over the Wasatch Front and beyond since 2019.

What Is FNMT exactly?

FNMT stands for functional neuromuscular therapy and is a revolutionary technique that combines neurolinguistic programming (aka, changing the way your mind thinks) and specialized massage therapy (specifically deep tissue work) to provide effective pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced mental well-being. By incorporating mindfulness and movement, FNMT helps you achieve a state of balance and harmony in both body and mind.

Our services don’t stop there, though. In between your sessions with your FNMT therapist, you have open access to our wide range of floor therapies, including cold plunge therapy and an infrared sauna. You can read more about all of that under our “Services” tab at the top.

Who is FNMT for?

We think most everyone can benefit from our specialized therapy techniques, but we’ve especially been able to make a difference with people suffering from various injuries (sports or otherwise), those suffering with chronic conditions (we’ve helped many people with scoliosis, MS, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, ongoing back pain, TOS, and more), and people who are facing mobility issues. We’re all about working to eliminate pain and increase your overall mobility, and our techniques are backed by science AND experience!

Your Personalized Care Plan​

Included in your FNMT treatment is access to the entire floor of therapies. We will design your plan and take you through the entire routine, and then you can come back as much as you want between appointments to take advantage of everything we have on site, at your convenience. 


Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas emit radiant heat, which your body absorbs directly. This helps to reduce pain, aid in deeper relaxation and stress relief, and improve circulation. Plus it gives your skin that dewy, I-just-went-to-a-fancy-spa look.

Cold Plunge

Sure, getting in a tub of freezing cold water might not sound fun, but the health benefits are unbelievable, including increased energy, mental clarity, reduced inflammation, and faster recovery times. Oh, and increased immunity, better sleep, and an elevated mood. Sounds like something worth trying, eh? We certainly think so!

Compression Therapy

This is the only time we suggest squeezing yourself into very tight-fitting garments. Compression therapy basically means slipping a specialized tight-fitting sleeve over the body part that’s giving you the most trouble. The applied pressure helps to boost circulation, decrease swelling or inflammation, and reduce pain, amid many other benefits.

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